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Does your business need better quality leads? If so, we can offer you a variety of services to make this objective come true. Our main services are as follows:

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your business needs to consider local search engine optimization strategies for attracting local customers to your store, whether it’s online or in person. Popular search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo can be utilized for local searches just as well as they can for international searches. If you can get your company’s website to appear in local search results, then your advertising efforts will pay off better.

Local Customers

Out of all searches conducted on Google, 47% of them are from people who want to find local information. If you want to reach these people, your business must invest in local SEO services in order to attract clients who are more likely going to engage your company.
Local SEO still involves increasing your website’s rank in the Google search engine. The only difference is that you’ll be increasing the rank for customers who conduct a “near me” type of search. Normally, companies invest a lot of money to rank higher in local searches. But if you purchase local SEO services, you won’t need to pay nearly as much. On top of that, you’ll increase your number of organic views.

Google is the king of online traffic. They’re the ones really calling all the shots. If you look on Alexa, you’ll see that Google is the number one website on the internet. Google has the power to deindex any website from its search engine, including Amazon. If that were to happen, Amazon’s traffic would decrease by a whopping 34%. This should give you some idea of how powerful Google is on the internet.

Here are some more statistics related to Google:

– On local search results, 92% of the people searching will click on business links advertised on the first page.
– 86% of Google searchers use Google Maps to find the location of a company.
– When using a mobile device to conduct local business searches, 88% of potential consumers will visit the business address in person or call the business within 1 day.

Local Keyword Research

After conducting an analysis of your business and the extent of its technology, we will figure out which SEO keywords are best to use for targeting local customers. You might already be targeting local SEO keywords if you’ve hired a local SEO service provider before. Otherwise, we will find some top-quality keyword opportunities for your business and put them all in a report for you to view.
Here are a few of our techniques in locating suitable local SEO keywords for your business:

1) Keyword Research Tools

The first thing that we’ll do is observe what the people in your location are searching for. Once we find out this information, we’ll prepare a list of keywords which are relevant to your business. You can also request for us to help you target any specific keywords that you want to reach. But selecting the right keywords all comes down to what your customers are searching for locally. That is what we will find out for you.

Another strategy that we’ll implement is researching your competitor’s keywords and see how they rank. Once again, these keywords will be relevant to your business and whatever it is selling. We can use these same keywords to target relevant traffic too. The only difference is that we’ll make sure your company’s website has better quality content. That way, all the people searching those keywords will be more attracted to your website rather than your competitor’s website.

Local Search Engine Optimization

We are experts in local SEO for companies in specific cities and towns. Our rates are much more affordable compared to what the bigger agencies charge. When we get started, we look at the relevant ranking variables of your business. Perhaps you need more positive reviews published or have more word-of-mouth on localized social media groups. Most importantly, we will make sure you have highly effective content which is relevant to what local people are searching for.
We offer some of the most affordable hourly rates for our services. Your specific rates will depend on your project. The number of hours we spend is calculated based on how many people exist in your target audience base.

To ensure you receive the most affordable local search engine optimization services, we may work with a third-party contractor who specializes in your particular local market.

Basically, the goals you have for your business and the location of your business will determine the hourly rates. Contact us to learn more information about this because the rates are different for each client. We also adjust the price based on the keywords that you need to get ranking higher in Google.

On average, a client will pay $1,500 monthly to take advantage of our local SEO packages. Keyword difficulty is the biggest influencer of the price.

The Way We Approach Local SEO

We only choose the very best SEO specialists to work for our company. Since internet marketing is a highly competitive field, we must stay competitive by hiring the best people who do the best job. Customer service must be their top priority when managing a local SEO campaign for a client.

Analytics & Reporting

Each time that we take on a new client, we will first evaluate their current local SEO position. We’ll research their current keywords and see how well they’re already ranking in Google. After the analysis is complete, we will know the current standing of their company. From there, we can take steps to establish a local SEO campaign for the.
Here is what’s calculated in our local SEO reports:

Technical Analysis

Our experts go over the current status of your website and how it is performing. Various variables will be examined, such as your website’s speed, tracking, functionality, and coding. Anything related to the development aspect of your website will be considered in order to help its local SEO.

Competitor Analysis

The next step is identifying and analyzing your competitors. We’ll locate your highest-ranking competitors and try to figure out why they’re ranking so high in Google. Perhaps it is their content which is giving them a rank boost. If so, we’ll find out how much of a boost.

Traffic Analysis

We’ll estimate the size of your target audience by analyzing the number of people in your local area who are searching for similar businesses as yours. To succeed in local SEO, you must choose the best keywords. We’ll help you learn where your website’s visitors are located and which percentage of them found your website due to a local organic search.

SEO Implementation

At this point in your SEO campaign, several tasks will be scheduled to further grow your website’s ranking in Google and other search engines. We will create better content, conduct good quality white hat link building, and enhance all your local listings. Every SEO task that we conduct on your behalf is meant to impact your SEO campaign considerably. Everything from high-quality backlinks to Google Maps listings will be the center of our focus. Then you’ll see your website rank higher in all the major search engines like Google. Getting discovered locally is the best way to grow your business online.
Our agency is better equipped to implement local SEO in the following ways:

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is where we make enhancements to your website and SEO campaign so that organic traffic consistently finds its way to your business. There won’t be any fast spikes in the traffic at all.

On-Page SEO

We will look at your website’s online marketing presence by analyzing its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The keyword mapping and overall technical function of your website will be assessed too. Finally, we’ll enhance all the pages on your website to become more SEO friendly. This includes upgrading the page content with better quality content that has effective keywords.

Off-Page SEO

For your website to appear on the first page of local search results, your website needs to be mentioned on other local websites. This could be a local press release or article featuring your business. This is called off-page SEO. We will work hard to get your website mentioned on other relevant websites. By doing this, the performance of your local SEO campaign will receive a significant boost.

Performance Measurement

We will always monitor the performance of your local SEO campaign. We’ll generate reports based on what is happening with your campaign. You’ll see which strategies are effective and not effective. Based on this information, we can modify your SEO strategies to go in a new direction.
For example, if one page has better ranking keywords than another page, we’ll focus on the pages which are lagging and make the necessary modifications to boost their ranking.

Here is what we’ll be paying attention to over the course of your SEO campaign:

Keyword Movement

We will continue to track all the targeted keywords which were originally selected. That way, we’ll know which keywords are ranking high and which ones are not. We’ll also provide you with a report that’ll give you this information too. Then we can make the necessary keyword changes.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics information lets us appropriately reoptimize your local SEO campaign. We can see various pieces of information about your traffic and report them to you, such as their gender, location, income, behavior, age, and search device.

Executive Reporting

We always issue executive reporting statements to our clients at the conclusion of every month. This statement will describe the optimization efforts that we’ve made on your behalf. We’ll describe in detail the information related to your rankings, analytics, social media statistics, directories, and more. Overall, the report will give you a good idea of how well your website is performing and ranking on the internet.

Rich Media Content

Your local SEO campaign can be enhanced by rich media content. The average customer is not interested in plain text content anymore. They want to watch videos, view images, and read infographics to get a better understanding of your message. It is faster and more entertaining for them to receive content in this way. We can help you create this kind of rich media content and implement it into your local SEO campaign. We’ll design images which reflect your brand accurately; we’ll produce videos which accurately portrays the nature of your business; and we’ll design infographics which demonstrate your skills, experience, products, or services in a visual way.
Let’s examine the local SEO benefits of each media outlet:


Audio allows visitors to hear the professionalism and sincerity in your voice. You can verbally give them a call to action offer without needing to show yourself on camera.


There are many ways to benefit from video marketing. You can tell a story about your brand or yourself; you can provide customers with a visual overview of your business; you can speak to them on camera. Search engines love to rank websites with original videos. It will do so much for your local SEO campaign.


People are busy and don’t want to spend a lot of time reading to get their information. They want to be able to look at something and get the message quickly. Infographics provide this opportunity by establishing a visual presentation of your brand’s message and history. It mixes attractive graphics with stylish text.

Social Media Backlinks

Social media advertising can be effective for a local SEO campaign. MOZ local reveals that 4% of local ranking on Google comes from social media in some way. Although this might not seem like much, social media can still be effective for local SEO where branding is concerned. For instance, if a local person sees your business mentioned in a social media post and they go to search the platform for your business, then your local SEO will have an advantage here. Google rewards businesses with a higher rank if people on social media are searching for their brand.

Get Sales from Your Website

Local SEO campaigns can greatly increase the sales of a business. Our history of managing local SEO campaigns for our clients has been a proven success. Between the keyword implementation and rich media content creation, no other SEO company compares to us in terms of skill and quality. Let us help you generate more sales for your business by managing your company’s local SEO campaign. Contact us to find out more information.

The ganivi.com Difference

We have a team of experts who are ready to work hard for your business and help ensure that it accomplishes all its goals. To do this, we’ll consult with you every step of the way until your website ranks #1 on Google. By collaborating with professionals in the industry, you will have peace of mind knowing that real progress is being made toward building your brand name and business.

Our in-house staff is certified in website design and SEO. We have the skills to elevate your business to a greater level of success.

Here is what you can expect:

  • A consultative approach where you’re only sold the services that you need to succeed.
  • You’ll receive help from a top-ranked service provider in the industry.
  • We have a team of experts who go through continuous training and education in the latest innovations and updates in website design and SEO.
  • Increase your traffic, the number of leads, and the number of sales.

You should schedule a phone call with one of our professionals, and they’ll guide you in how to beat the competitors in your industry. Then you will be connected to a digital marketing professional who can create an exclusive marketing plan to escalate your business to the next level.

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