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Social Media Videos: Spotlight Your Business Brand

Social Media Videos are the newest form of brand promotion. Because the Internet is full of active searchers, your brand will be exposed to a much larger audience than it would be from other promotion methods. Video production extends your company’s reach to the social platforms where users are more likely to see it and share it with others in their network. No matter if you are in NYC or Tampa FL, you’ll find exactly what you need in this article.

What Is A Social Media Video?

A video created for social media channels is intended to be liked, shared, and discussed to increase interest in the topic or your company’s product. People get interested when topics are brought up that affect them because they want to find a solution to their current problem.

They can be on a topic that you get a lot of questions about (FAQ video), an explainer video that describes your business and what you do, or a video tutorial showing how to perform a task or solve a problem. This type of videos often:

•Use an emotional trigger to connect with their audience and offer a solution to the problem
•Encourage users to subscribe to new content, comment, like, and share
•Challenge misconceptions about certain issues
•Is one part of a marketing strategy to boost traffic, increase search ranking, and bring in more revenue

What is Involved in Social Media Video Production?

If you would like to produce videos for your social media network here are a few things to keep in mind:

•Know who your target audience is, what topics they are passionate about
•Plan out your key talking points, what you want them to remember, and a strong call-to-action.

•Remember that not all users watch videos with the sound. Include captioning to convey your message for those who are hearing impaired. A large portion of people who watch videos would rather read along to get the full context of what is being said. It’s easy to misinterpret something if there is no clarification to go with it.

•Vary your video length according to your audience and the platform you are using. HubSpot recommends a run time of 30 seconds for an Instagram audience, 45 second for Twitter users, one minute for Facebook friends, and two minutes for a YouTube channel.

•Don’t chase after trends. Make your videos on topics that address things your audience is interested in and not the latest trends to come along. Your viewers will come to see you as superficial if all you do is talk about this craze and that trend. Stick with your message and stay on track. Videos that go viral are often on issues that touch people’s hearts.

How Should You Craft A Social Media Video?

•As with any other type of video production, plan out a flow or a direction for your video to follow. Decide how you want the lights, what equipment you’ll use (mics, cameras, etc).
•Determine who you are marketing to. What is their age group, interests, etc.
•Tell a story to illustrate your talking points. Paint a mental picture for your audience.
•Check your onscreen captioning to make sure it is showing up correctly.
•Decide if you will appear in the video or if you will hire a video actor to represent you.
•Film, edit and make any corrections or last minute adjustments before publishing.

How Can I Make My Video Production Stand Out?

While there may be several other videos on the exact same topic, you can make yours stand out in the crowd by staying true to yourself and your story. There will always be other people doing the same thing that you are the key is to attract attention and get noticed for your uniqueness in a sea of sameness. Your video production may end up in a list of 30 results for “WordPress integration.” So you’ll need to come up with ways to tell a story or illustrate your point in a way that is different from what everyone is doing. Maybe you could use a whiteboard to draw out your ideas and your conclusions, or create a short cartoon illustration of the problem and how you can solve it. To create a high-quality video consider the following tips:

•Hire a professional videographer or production company.
•Film your video with a variety of cameras to capture different angles and effects.
•Feature a popular person in the industry. Getting their perspective will boost your credibility.
•Hire a gaffer to take care of the sound system and equipment used for filming.

How Much Does It Cost To Produce A Video?

•Cost is largely dependent on your operating budget and how much you want to spend. The more involved the production is, the higher the cost will be. You can expect an animated explainer video to cost around $15K and a corporate video to cost closer to $20K.

Commercials or video testimonials are more involved and may take several days of filming— you can expect a cost of $50K to $100K. If you find a good cinematographer you may qualify for discounts if you book more than one video or you refer others to them. Bulk orders are often discounted due to the fact that it involves multiple orders spread out over time.

What is an Explainer Videos, and Why Use One?

An explainer video is approximately a minute to a minute and a half long and describes your service or product in detail. Think of it like a pitch. What would you tell someone about your product if you only had 60 seconds? How would you sum up all of the key points?

Explainer videos are short and to the point, describe or explain the main points, and are sometimes animated and displayed on a whiteboard. They may be narrated by a voice actor along with an onscreen text to make sure that the message can be easily understood by everyone.

The animations are entertaining and capture the viewer’s attention. The story is told in segments, with each section highlighting the key points of the topic. They are fun to watch and may people will watch all the way through.

What is the Best Way to Do Explainer Videos?

When creating your explainer video, remember to:

•Keep it simple
•Streamline your message to address all points within 90 seconds
•Avoid the temptation to over-explain things
•Focus on your key points and stick to the script.

Explainer videos are a great way to get your product out there in front of viewers and because its short, people will watch it all the way through.

How Can I Make My Explainer Video Stand Out in the Crowd?

Everything should follow an outline and:

•Target your audience and be something you know they are passionate about
•Tell a story in the fastest, most direct way possible
•Follow a pre-written script of 200 – 225 words
•Storyboards should be used for animated videos
•Hire a voice actor to read the script
•Edit your video for content and time frame.
You can find many examples of explainer videos on YouTube and Vimeo for inspiration and ideas.

What Are the Steps to Creating An Explainer Video?

Everything should follow an outline and:

•Target your audience and be something you know they are passionate about
•Tell a story in the fastest, most direct way possible
•Follow a pre-written script of 200 – 225 words
•Storyboards should be used for animated videos
•Hire a voice actor to read the script
•Edit your video for content and time frame.
You can find many examples of explainer videos on YouTube and Vimeo for inspiration and ideas.

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